ABS opens Global Sustainability Center in Singapore

Written by Marine Log Staff
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A new ABS Global Sustainability Center, located in Singapore, is the flagship of the classification society’s sustainability activities world wide. Led by Gurinder Singh, ABS Director of Global Sustainability, the center includes a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, supported by the worldwide ABS organization.

“Decarbonizing shipping is a challenge that will compel the industry to reach new technology frontiers. At the same time, it is an opportunity to transition to a more sustainable world economy enabled by efficient, low-carbon transportation,” said ABS Chairman, President and CEO Christopher J. Wiernicki. “To facilitate the journey toward decarbonization targets, ABS established its Global Sustainability Center to coordinate initiatives that advance innovation and technology development focused on safety, practicality and the commercial viability of proposed solutions.”

ABS sustainability projects focusing on the de-carbonization of shipping, include

Studying the viability of alternative fuels and new energy sources in different shipping sectors

Analyzing de-carbonization pathways, the impact of seaborne trade growth and IMO targets on new designs

Using digital technology to simplify transactions and increase operational efficiency

Certifying, verifying and validating new technology

“Today’s world is quickly changing, and the shipping industry is navigating a complex regulatory landscape and rapid technology changes,” said Singh. “The IMO Green House Gas reduction targets will present an unprecedented challenge to the industry—as the targets cannot be achieved with today’s technology. The center has a vital role to play in helping the industry manage the transition safely.”

Center plans also include leading an industry education program, seminars and lectures, designed to raise awareness of maritime sustainability technologies and carbon reduction strategies.

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