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VIDEO: Cummins engines push new SEACOR cats to 40 knots

Written by Nick Blenkey
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SEACOR Panther

AUGUST 14, 2017 — Built by Spanish shipbuilder Astilleros Amon, the two latest DP2 high-speed catamarans to join the SEACOR Marine fleet—the SEACOR Puma and SEACOR Panther—have significantly more horsepower than their predecessors.

The cats are each fitted with four of Cummins Marine’s newest QSK95 marine engines, each rated at 4,000 hp (2,983 kW) at 1,700 rev/min, delivering a total 16,000 bhp and giving the vessels a maximum speed of 40 knots. Each engine  drives a HamiltonJet HT-810 water jet fvia a MGX-62500SC-H marine transmissions supplied by Twin Disc, Inc., to achieve a maximum speed of 40 knots.

The two forward engines will run Jason FiFi 1 class pumps off the front of the engine.

“These engines afford us with additional horsepower over the previous catamarans propulsion machinery,” said SEACOR’s Project Manager, Joe McCall. “The mission of these vessels will be the same as the previous catamarans, to deliver time sensitive cargoes and passengers at grater speeds than a typical crewboat. Additionally, the sea-keeping qualities afforded by the twin hulls, ensures that the passengers will have a very fast and comfortable ride.”

“Another quality that is important to our customers is the reliability of the vessel,” added McCall. “These vessels have multiple independent and redundant systems.”

Cummins is also providing auxiliary power; each vessel will have two QSM11-powered generator sets rated at 290 kWe, as well as a fully enclosed QSM11-powered deck generator rated at 270 kWe.

The twin hulls allow for a huge 3,084 square foot (286.5 sq. meters) clear cargo deck, capable of handling 200 tons of freight. Tankage is provided in the hulls for 25,437 U.S. gallons (96.3 cu.meters) of fuel oil and 6,870 U.S. gallons (26 cu.m.) of potable water. Crew accommodations include 16 berths in eight cabins as well as a galley and mess area with seating for 15 people.

The SEACOR Puma and SEACOR Panther were built in an enclosed facility at the Asilleros Amon shipyard in Burela.

The enhanced seating that is fitted in the passenger saloon allows up to 138 passengers to rest in first class comfort or they can choose from the various amenities available to them, such as satellite TV, Wi-Fi or snacks from the refreshment area. The vessel is fitted with a hospital, so the vessel can also fulfill the role of medical evacuation platform if the need should arise.


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