Algoma Central takes delivery of first “Equinox 3.0”

Written by Nick Blenkey
view of ship

Captain Henry Jackman [Image (c) Algoma Central Corporation]

St. Catharines, Ontario, headquartered Algoma Central Corporation (TSX:ALC) reports that it has taken delivery of the Captain Henry Jackman, its fifth Equinox Class gearless dry-bulk carrier and the tenth Equinox Class vessel. The ship is set to begin its voyage to Canada from the Jiangsu Yangzi-Mitsui Shipbuilding Company in China in mid-April and is expected to begin trading on the Great Lakes in late June.

Algoma Central says the Captain Henry Jackman is the most efficient vessel in its Canadian domestic fleet. Its “Equinox 3.0” design is an evolution of the original Equinox Class, incorporating improvements in cargo deadweight capacity and equipment while maintaining the performance efficiencies of the original design.


These improvements include innovations such as lighter weight aluminum hatch covers and the adoption of an improved twin rudder design that significantly increases the displacement of the vessel and enables the ship to achieve increased cargo capacity without requiring an increase in the vessel’s power and fuel consumption.

The result is an estimated 1,200 tonnes increased deadweight of the ship, increasing the vessel’s advantage in minimizing greenhouse gas emissions compared to competing transportation modes. As with all Equinox Class ships, the Captain Henry Jackman has a closed loop exhaust gas scrubber.

“The domestic dry-bulk segment has been our core business for over 100 years and we have invested over $500 million in sustaining that business since the launch of the Equinox Class fleet renewal plan in 2010,” said Gregg Ruhl, president and CEO of Algoma.

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