Damen updates TSHD range

Written by Nick Blenkey
Port maintenance TSHD

Image: Samen Shipyards

Damen Shipyards is updating its trailing suction hopper dredge (TSHD) portfolio and expanded the range to cover hopper volumes from 650 to 5,000 cubic meters.

The updated portfolio includes both dredges for port maintenance and multi-purpose dredges. All have a number of core values in common. The starting point for the designs was that the dredge be both practical in operation and in maintenance, and have a sustainable future-proof design. Additionally, each TSHD-type can be customized easily.

“Practical maintenance is of vital importance on a TSHD. Due to the continuous wear of the sand/water mixture all piping and main components need frequent checks,” says Olivier Marcus, Damen product director dredging. “In the designs this has resulted in an efficient pipe routing, the use of high grade materials and ample space around the equipment for inspection and repairs.”

The new series has been designed with sustainability in mind. No ballast water is needed throughout the operations, including sea voyages and no fuel tanks are in contact with the hull to avoid any future problems.

The fully optimized, hence minimal, number of diesel engines is fitted and include SCR systems, prepared for IMO Tier III.

“Dredge operators always have a clear idea on the various tasks their hopper dredger is to perform, whether, for instance, channel maintenance for a port authority or efficient sand collection, transport and discharge for a commercial operator.” Olivier says. “This specific operation requires specific gear; the new TSHD range accommodates this. As hopper volumes range from as small as 650 cu.m to a serious 5,000 cu.m they fit a multitude of jobs.”

This standard range can be seen as a platform which can be fully customized by adding various options to ensure the dredge is 100% fit for its job.”

Damen says the recently unveiled complete TSHD range is the result of an industry-wide consultation.

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