LeBoeuf takes delivery of fortieth tank barge in series

Written by Nick Blenkey
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MAY 13, 2014 — “There’s more plate and iron in those barges than the normal tank barge,” said Jon Gonsoulin, president of LeBeouf Bros. Towing, Bourg, LA, has taken delivery of the as the company announced delivery of the GONSOULIN 540 from its shipyard, Bourg Dry Dock & Service Co.

GONSOULIN 540 is the fortieth hull in a series of 297 ft 6 in x 54 ft  x 12 ft inland service double skin tank barges that are USCG certified Type II or Type III hulls for Subchapter D and Subchapter O cargoes.

The barges are designed by Clear Lake, TX, headquartered naval architecture firm, the Shearer Group.

They have a cargo heating system utilizing hot oil provided by a Heatec 5.0 MMBTU hot oil heater. The cargo pump is a Byron Jackson Model S450 rated at 3,000 GPM at 292 TDH driven by a Mitsubishi Model S6B3-Y2MPTK-4 diesel engine rated 429 HP at 2,000 RPM. There is also a Mitsubishi Model S4S-DTB diesel generator rated 40 kW. The generator and cargo pump engine were furnished by Laborde Products. The cargo pump was furnished by Bayou City Pumps, Houston.

The barges also have a vapor control system with self-contained high level alarm system and two 4,500 gallon fuel tanks.

The Shearer Group worked with LeBeouf Bros. Towing to analyze its operating requirements and cargo handling needs and with Bourg Dry Dock to comply with its manufacturing processes.

The Shearer Group, Inc.provides naval architecture, marine engineering, marine surveying and professional engineering services to the inland marine industry. Bristol Harbor Group, Inc., in Bristol, RI, is associated with the Shearer Group, Inc., and provides the same services to the offshore industry.

Bourg Dry Dock is a state-of-the art fabrication and repair facility and, in addition to towboats for LeBeouf, is currently building three 11,500 bbl double skin tank barges and two other 297 ft 6 in tank barges for other clients.

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