VIDEO: All-electric foiling workboat aims to be a game-changer

Written by Nick Blenkey
Foiling workboat

All-electric foiling workboat demonstrated its capabilities in Belfast Harbor

Belfast, Northern Ireland, based Artemis Technologies has launched to market what it claims is the world’s first commercially viable all-electric, high-speed foiling workboat range. Developed and built in Belfast, the zero-emission vessels are the result of a GBP 12 million (about $15 million) investment in research and development.

Powered by the Artemis eFoiler propulsion system, the workboats fly silently above the water, offering a comfortable gliding experience and creating minimal wake, making them well-suited for operation on traditionally busy waterways.

Developed and tested on an advanced digital twin simulator, the Artemis electric foiling workboat range is aimed specifically at the global workboat and crew transfer market, Artemis Technologies’ ensures robustness and reliability that has been developed and tested on the world’s most advanced marine digital twin simulator located in Belfast.

The company is a spin-off from the Artemis Racing team that competed in the America’s Cup of which its founder, two-time Olympic champion Dr Iain Percy OBE is a four-time veteran.

“Combining our experience from the worlds of high-performance sailing, motorsports and advanced manufacturing, the electric propulsion system that we’ve designed and developed is an absolute game changer for the industry in terms of range, costs savings and minimal wake created,” said Percy. “With hydrofoils that lift the boats out of the water, we are dramatically reducing drag. This is coupled with a submerged electric drivetrain that is exceptionally efficient, as proven through rigorous testing with our partners, confirming what we had discovered through our own onshore digital simulations.”

Artemis Technologies’ full workboat range includes an 11.5 meter multi-purpose workboat and a 12 meter crew transfer vessel (CTV). A 24 meter cCTV is also currently under development.

“Having worked closely with Artemis Technologies, as part of the U.K. Government’s Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC), funded by the Department for Transport, today’s launch marks a sea-change in how workboat operators will view electric foiling boats,” said Leo Hambro, commercial director at crew transfer vessel operator Tidal Transit. “Given the remarkable range, incredible speed and comfortable ride, this workboat is truly a game-changer for our sector as it looks to cut carbon emissions across the industry.”

foiling workboat
Artemis workboat up on foils in Belfast Harbor

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