French shipyard set to deliver second pilot boat to Germany

Written by Nick Blenkey

Freya Shipyard-BERNARDFrench shipyard Bernard is set to deliver a second ORC 190 type pilot boat to the German pilotage organization Lotsenversetzboote Technische Fachstelle Nordwest.

The Fresena follows the Frya, delivered in May 201, and is the second in a series of four vessels for German pilots.

Marc Bernard, technical director of shipyard Bernard, says: “The prototype of the pilot boat named Frya is operating for almost a year in the area of Borkum from the port of Emden. It has proved highly satisfactory in particular on its behavior at sea in rough weather. We are pleased to deliver her sister ship after confirming a series of tests: a maximum speed exceeding 30 knots, a noise level below 75 decibels in the wheelhouse and many technical innovations including the warming bridge and handrail tailored to work in northern Germany in extreme cold. A third vessel named Burkana will be delivered in September to Borckum before a fourth vessel to the pilotage station of Bremerhaven.”

Frank Dinnebier, boat Captain Lotsenversetzboote Technische Fachstelle Nordwest says: “I’ve driven the first boat Frya and with Fresena we confirmed the performance of the ORC 190 ship with high speed of 31 knots in good weather and which is much safer and comfortable for our pilots. This is a great change that makes interventions more effective, fast and safe than with the smaller pilot boats limited to 6 knots we used so far.”

Designed and built in the shipyard Bernard at Locmiquelic, near Lorient in Brittany, this concept of “all weather” craft allows for an exceptional vessel which meets the stringent requirements of the pilot stations in the ports of Northern Europe. The shipyard is able to meet the challenge by offering a pilot boat able, in sea conditions force 4-5, to ensure an efficient service while combining comfort, speed, maneuverability and safety.

The 19.6 m x 6.30 m boat is propelled by two 1,000 hp MTU engines giving it a top speed of 30 knots.

April 30, 2012

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