Irish Ferries awards OSK-ShipTech RoPax interior contract

Written by Nick Blenkey
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JUNE 16, 2016 — Copenhagen, Denmark, based OSK-ShipTech A/S says it has been chosen by Irish Ferries to work with it on the interiors for the EUR 144 million RoPax cruise ferry that it recently ordered from German shipbuilder FSG (see earlier story).
“We are really happy about this collaboration with Irish Ferries,” says Anders Ørgård Hansen CEO of OSK-ShipTech A/S and Steen Friis Design A/S, and continues “this newbuilding project has also given us the opportunity to draw on the synergy between OSK-ShipTech and newly purchased Steen Friis Design, who have been appointed marine interior designers to collaborate with Irish Ferries on this new RoPax-ferry. It is a unique opportunity for us to prove the engineering expertise and design strength of OSK-ShipTech and Steen Friis Design combined.”

When the new cruise ferry is delivered in May 2018 it will be fitted with 435 cabins, including suites with private external balconies alongside deluxe and standard class accommodations. All interiors, recreational facilities etc. will be designed by OSK-ShipTech A/S, which has been awarded the contract for the detailed interior package including general arrangement, detailed design and which will work closely with Irish Ferries on the accommodations.

“This is a great project, enabling us to show the newest in passenger comfort and recreational amenities – from entertainment, cinemas and retail, over facilities and comfort for freight drivers to the onboard services and facilities for pets,” says Mr. Ørgård Hansen. “The deadline is tight on this project, so all parties involved are already working hard in order to deliver on time and in unison. It is a big collaboration between Irish Ferries, shipbuilders and designers FSG (Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft), OSK-ShipTech and Steen Friis Design.”

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