All-electric Chinese river cruise ship packs 7.5 MWh of battery power

Written by Nick Blenkey
all electric river cruise ship

Battery powered river cruise ship Chang Jiang San Xia seen under construction.

China Classification Society (CCS) says China will ramp up the building of fully electric battery powered ships to operate on the country’s extensive inland waterways network. This following the successful maiden voyage of what is one if the largest all-electric vessels yet launched, Chang Jiang San Xia 1, a 100 meter long river cruise ship with what is claimed to be the highest battery power yet installed in a vessel — a 7.5 MWh lithium battery system that is equivalent to the power of 100 electric cars.

“CCS is very proud to have worked on this groundbreaking project with the talented team at Yichang Xinhui Shipyard,” said Xu Junjie the GM at CCS Yichang. “The project demonstrates the implementation of advance Lithium Battery Power Ship Rules and the building of electric inland waterway vessels in China. We expect that the innovations made on this vessel related to the size and power of the battery can promote the development of environmentally friendly electric vessels. We have learned a lot particularly about de-risking the build process and the overall safety of electric powered ships.”

“This vessel adopts the marine power LFP-type battery system that meets the world’s top standard,” noted Xu.

“CCS Wuhan Rules & Research Institute is closely involved in the project and our battery power technicians are working closely with the ship designer and builder to solve technical problems and control battery power risks,” said Luo Xiaofeng. “for example, the unconventional requirements for assembling, welding, installation and commissioning. We further examined the problems in battery installation and system tests, providing training, to improve the capability of the shipyard.”

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