C-Innovation adds AUVs to its fleet

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Kongsberg HUGIN AUV

JANUARY 12, 2016 – Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) group subsea solutions specialist C-Innovation (C-I) is adding AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) to its ROV (Remote Operated Vessel) fleet.

It has ordered two HUGIN AUVs, depth rated to 4,500 m, and two MUNIN AUV’s, depth rated to 1,500 m, from long time ECO supplier Kongsberg Maritime.

Integrated with ECO’s worldwide vessel fleet, C-I’s capabilities provide a full-spectrum IMR solution for clients. Headquartered in Mandeville, LA, with an additional office in Houston, TX, C-I operates worldwide with a primary focus in engineering, project management and operation of subsea field development in the oil and gas sector.

All four of the just-ordered AUVs are equipped with the latest generation sonar, echo sounders, cameras and profilers. All are specially designed for subsea inspection, mapping and pipeline surveys.

They feature advanced autonomous pipeline tracking software, enabling the AUV to track a pipe using SAS (synthetic aperture) or sidescan sonar, as well as flying overhead collecting bathymetry, photos and laser profiles.

The HUGINs includes swappable batteries and removable data storage, while the MUNINs have a fast charge system and data download facility designed to maximize productivity and minimize downtime between dives. The HUGINs are equipped with the latest generation of HISAS 1032 SyntheticAperture Sonar (SAS).

“We can now offer HiSAS data from the 4,500 meter HUGIN to the offshore industry,” said C-I General Manager Richard Bourque. “All vehicles are portable to some extent, but especially the MUNIN vehicles can be mobilized anywhere in a very short time. The combination of our ROVs with the new AUVs will enable us to continue delivering industry-leading inspection maintenance and repair services.”

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