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TOTE picks MAN turbochargers for LNG-fueled newbuilds

Written by Nick Blenkey
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One of two TCA66 turbochargers for the world's first ME-GI engine

AUGUST 14, 2014 — The world’s first LNG-fueled containerships, the two 3,100 TEU vessels on order at NASSCO will have an all-MAN power package including main engine, auxiliary engines and turbochargers

Korea’s Doosan Engine recently delivered the world’s first dual-fuel, low-speed ME-GI engine to NASSCO’s San Diego, CA, shipyard. The 8L70ME-C8.2-GI main engine is aspirated by two TCA66 turbochargers. The ship will also have three 9L28/32DF auxiliary engines, each featuring a single TCR18 turbocharger.

With this set-up, says MAN Diesel & Turbo,TOTE has not only chosen the most environmentally friendly engine technology available but also the most flexible power solution in that both the ME-GI and 28/32DF engines can run on HFO or gas. Gas operation means a significant reduction in CO2, NOx, particulate matter and SOx emissions – both engines are characterized by having no methane slip.

Dirk Balthasar, Head of Sales and Promotion – Turbocharger Business Unit – MAN Diesel & Turbo, said: “Playing a crucial role for a leading developer and builder of two-and four-stroke, low- and medium-speed engines as it does, the Turbocharger Business Unit has a deep understanding of all the core technologies of large engines and the way they interact with turbochargers. The result is world- and market-leading turbocharger technology that easily keeps pace with all innovations and new developments within large diesel technology.”

“MAN’s engines and turbochargers will allow TOTE to maintain its commitment resourcefulness, reliability, and responsiveness while reducing our impact on the environment” noted Anthony Chiarello, President and CEO of TOTE. “We are excited to be the world’s first LNG-powered containership and the first to use MAN’s ME-GI engine.”

Mr. Chiarello will be the luncheon speaker at Marine Log’s All About Marine event in Biloxi, MS, on September 4.

As well as integrating with the latest engine technology, the TCA66 and TCR18 turbochargers meet operators’ requirements for long service intervals and straightforward maintenance. The inspection intervals for the TCA turbochargers have recently been extended and a bearing inspection is no longer between major overhauls.

Maintenance on the turbochargers can be carried out by the operator’s own crew – after appropriate training – or by MAN PrimeServ, MAN Diesel & Turbo’s global service organization.

“Having chosen an all-MAN package, including main engine, auxiliary engines and turbochargers, TOTE can now enjoy the additional benefit of MAN PrimeServ’s one-stop service for engines and turbochargers,” said Mr. Balthasar.

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