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Three person submersible can dive to 1,700 m

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Yellow submarine: U-Boat Werx submersible can dive to 1,700 m

AUGUST 25, 2015 —Breda, Netherlands, based U-Boat Worx (UBW), today announced the launch of the C-Researcher 3, which it says is “the world’s first transparent three-person submersible capable of diving to 1,700 m (5,577 ft).”

It is the first time application of a spherical acrylic pressure hull ito reach these depths.

To resolve key ecological issues, the scientific community needs tools that enable a detailed study of the oceans. The presence of human-beings in the subsea environment allows for much more effective observation and research than possible with unmanned underwater vehicles.

UBW says it has teamed up with leading scientists to design a compact and cost-effective submersible that enables scientists, policy makers and philanthropists to explore the world’s oceans with a combination of safety, high performance, ultra-wide field of vision and comfort.

UBW already builds a range of private submersibles that provided the proven technology for the C-Researcher 3.

Advances in design software and materials have allowed UBW to achieve compact dimensions and a limited weight.

Unlike traditional research submarines that are restricted to operate from large dedicated mother vessels, the C-Researcher 3 can be operated from a wide range of vessels including superyachts.

The C-Researcher 3 can also be transported in a shipping container to minimize mobilization time and cost.

U-Boat Werx says that the safety of the submersible and its occupants is guaranteed by numerous safety features and redundant systems.

DNV-GL oversees the design, construction and trials of each individual submersible.

A range of optional tools can be mounted so that scientists can collect bottom samples and marine organisms, measure water conditions, create 2D/3D underwater maps and analyze the seabed.

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