Senesco Marine wins order for Maine hybrid-electric ferry

Written by Marine Log Staff
hybrid-electric ferry

Senesco will build the hybrid-electric ferry to a Gilbert Associates design.

The Senesco Marine shipyard in North Kingston, R.I., has been selected to build a hybrid-electric passenger/vehicle ferry for the Maine State Ferry Service (MSFS).

Designed by Gilbert Associates, the 154-foot vessel will feature a BAE Systems’ electric hybrid propulsion solution that will deliver reduced and zero-emission operations capability for the MSFS Rockland, Me., based ferry service that serves nearly 500,000 riders and 190,000 vehicles each year.

Senesco Marine is collaborating with BAE Systems to install the BAE HybriGen Assist system on the vessel, using proven components that enhance system efficiency, and reduce emissions and maintenance costs. The parallel hybrid system offers all-electric propulsion capabilities, power regeneration, and electric boost for high power performance when needed.

The HybriGen Assist solution includes electric motors, variable speed generators, a battery-based energy storage system, and vessel auxiliary power to create a clean, quiet form of propulsion. The vessel will be equipped with Caterpillar propulsion engines and gensets, Reintjes gearboxes, and a Spear energy storage system, integrated with BAE Systems’ electric motors and power electronics.

Located on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island, Senesco Marine produces a growing range of vessels and has successfully built and delivered over two dozen double-hulled fuel and chemical barges. Today, the shipyard has become a leading builder of larger barges and ATB tugs. It has recently added an aluminum division to the shipyard and is constructing CTVs for the wind farm industry.

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