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Remote surveys: ABS schedules 100th hazmat inventory survey for Seaspan

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Seaspan Hamburg [Image: Seaspan Ship Management]

ABS has just scheduled its 100th Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) certification survey for Seaspan Ship Management and says that 98% of these will be remote.

ABS reports tha it is on course to ultimately certify more than 100 vessels for Seaspan, the largest containership lessor in the world.

Since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, ABS has seen demand for remote surveys surge by around 300%.

“COVID-19 has provided the maritime industry with unprecedented challenges. But it has also forced the industry to embrace the opportunities arising from digitization and technology. Ultimately these initiatives will be crucial for sustainable shipping in the future,” said Torsten Pedersen, Chief Operating Officer, Seaspan Ship Management. “We are pleased to have ABS provide flag-approved remote IHM survey options for our fleet to achieve compliance quickly and efficiently without causing any undue administrative burden on our seafarers.”

ABS remote survey teams all over the world are carrying out everything from equipment surveys to vessel inspections to assist clients affected by COVID-19 restrictions and continue to deliver the ABS safety mission.

“ABS Remote Survey is now streamlining business operations for marine and offshore operators, as well as equipment manufacturers, globally. ABS offers the industry’s most comprehensive set of remote survey options and is leading the way in the delivery of digital services for the industry,” said Tony Nassif, ABS Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “While the pandemic has accelerated demand, the advantages for operators are such that this was always destined to become a routine operation and we are well past that tipping point now. Whatever the trajectory of the pandemic, I am confident use of remote survey will continue to grow in the industry, especially as ABS rolls out future services enabled by advances in technology.”

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