MSHS acquires Pacific Power Group

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Forming a nationwide maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), engine and controls service network through the combination, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., headquartered Motor Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. (MSHS) has acquired Vancouver, Wash., based Pacific Power Group.

According to MSHS, the combined businesses complement each other’s technical and engineering capabilities, which creates greater value for the customer base.

Both PPG and MSHS will maintain their current brand names while continuing to serve their customers through strengthened relationships with world-class OEM suppliers.

The companies say the combination enables them to leverage broader and deeper expertise through technical talent located across North America.

Additionally, the acquisition strengthens PPG’s and MSHS’s geographic footprint through the addition of PPG’s nine facilities across the western U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and the Gulf of Mexico which are supplemented by MSHS’s facilities across the Eastern United States, Gulf of Mexico, and Pacific Northwest.

“For over 30 years, PPG and MSHS have striven to be their clients’ trusted partners recognized for their customer-centered mindset and a deep commitment to a set of common core values. I am excited to create a platform where our employees can work together and leverage their collective power to propel our customers’ businesses,” said David A. Santamaria, CEO, PPG/MSHS. “We will continue on our path to be the leading choice for our OEM suppliers, customers, and employees.”

The broad capabilities and technical depth of the PPG and MSHS partnership are also seen as offering an attractive proposition to talented industry professionals seeking to develop their careers.

To become a leading choice for employees as well as customers, PPG and MSHS say that they understand that opportunities are developed through growth and training driven by the partnership’s strategy of investing in workshop technologies, services expansion, and engineering solutions.

“I am especially excited about how the scale of these firms together enables expanded recruiting and training, which allows us to broaden our technical services,” said Bill Mossey, PPG president, “Through an expanded investment in this area, we will strive to become more capable and have a greater capacity to solve our customers’ challenges and allow them to focus more on their businesses.”

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