Jotun signs 42 vessel HPS contract with Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Written by Kevin Fuhrman
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From Left: Ulf Skovli, Regional Sales Director, Jotun Marine Scandinavia; Geir Fagerheim, SVP Marine Operations, Wallenius Wilhelmsen. Photo credit to Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Jotun, Sandefjord,Norway, signed an agreement August 8 withNorwegian company Wallenius Wilhelmsen to provide its Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) anti-fouling coating system across 42 vessels in the shipowner’s advanced Ro/Ro fleet.

HPS combines premium SeaQuantum X200 antifouling with technicaland digital solutions to accurately measure hull performance. The antifouling works to increase vessel efficiency, cut fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions. 

By utilizing HPS across its fleet, Wallenius Wilhelmsen will have a powerful tool to optimize environmental performance and deliver enhanced stakeholdervalue. 

“This is a major contract with a true global leader within this industryniche,” said Ulf Skovli, regional sales director of Jotun Marine Scandinavia.“Wallenius Wilhelmsen is a respected shipowner and operator that is known for its commitment to innovation, optimal operational standards and environmental care. It’s therefore hugely gratifying that it has chosen Jotun as ‘solutions partner’ for the future, and very pleasing to see the team’s faith in thepowerful benefits of the HPS offering.”

“Working together we will be able to optimize hull performance and help Wallenius Wilhelmsen fully comply with global regulations and targets, whilemeeting its own stringent environmental objectives,” said Gunhild Tveitan,business development manager-Scandinavia. “This is a high quality solutionfor a high quality shipping company. We see it as a great match and lookforward to building a strong working relationship.”

Fouling is a key contributor to the spread of invasive species across marineecosystems and a major cause of hull inefficiency, leading to increased fuelconsumption and emissions. Studies have suggested that the fuel consumption ofthe world fleet could be reduced by up to 20% if all vessels were kept fouling-free.  

“As a company we are focused on enhancing sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of our operations – maintaining clean hulls is a key enabler for that,” said Geir Fagerheim, senior vice president, marine operations of Wallenius Wilhelmsen. “With HPS we can not only achieve this objective, butwe also open a digital window onto how hull condition affects fleet-wide performance, efficiency and emissions, creating a culture of transparency andaccountability. We believe this kind of partnership can be an importantplatform for building an increasingly sustainable shipping industry, helping inform better decision making and creating new solutions for the future. We are excited to get started on that journey with Jotun.” 

Th Jotun HPS concept was launched  in 2011 and has now been delivered to close to 1,000 vessels.   

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