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EVOL LNG carries out Australia’s first LNG bunkering

Written by Nick Blenkey
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EVOL LNG says truck-to-ship bunkering can be achieved relatively inexpensively with existing logistics assets

FEBRUARY 20, 2017 — Australia’s first commercial LNG bunkering took place January 23 at Kings Bay Supply Base, Dampier, Western Australia.

Under an agreement with Woodside Energy, EVOL LNG, part of Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy and Fertilizers, successfully refueled Siem Offshore Australia Pty Ltd.’s SiemThiima, the first LNG‐fueled platform supply vessel in Australia.

EVOL LNG designed and fabricated a bunkering system for Woodside that is fully compliant with the comprehensive international LNG bunkering standard, ISO 18683:2015

The Siem Thiima bunkering was carried out under what is EVOL LNG’s second major Australian port bunkering license. Issued by the Pilbara Ports Authority, it permitting LNG bunkering at King Bay Supply Base and transport through the Port of Dampier. EVOL LNG’s first LNG bunkering license was issued by Fremantle Ports in July last year.
“Our decision to enter the LNG bunkering market is part of a long‐term strategy that recognizes environmental and economic sustainability of LNG as a transport fuel,” said EVOL LNG Business Manager Nick Rea. “It also recognizes that the LNG marine fuel market is still in development, so the fact EVOL has over 15 years’ experience in distributing LNG means we saw an opportunity to provide a suite of services that perhaps others can’t.”

“EVOL can safely manage the bunkering process plus provide key services such as training in safe handling of LNG, enabling our customers to confidently adopt LNG as a marine fuel,” he said, adding that LNG bunkering was “certainly an offering we’d like to expand, particularly as truck‐to‐ship LNG bunkering can be achieved relatively inexpensively with existing logistics assets.”

Mr. Rea said that “if interest is there,” EVOL LNG will obtain licenses from other major Australian and regional Western Astralia ports to conduct LNG bunkering operations, and will look at investing in infrastructure to meet market’s needs

He said that EVOL LNG would be able to supply Fremantle customers with LNG at a price competitive with low‐sulfur marine diesel and would be able to refuel ships at up to 45 tonnes per hour, comparable to traditional bunker fuels.

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