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Eagle Bulk takes delivery of two 2015-built SDARI-64s

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Stamford, Conn., headquartered Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. (NASDAQ: EGLE) has has taken delivery of first two of six Ultramax drybulk vessels that it recently agreed to acquire under two agreements worth a total of $122 million. All six are SDARI-64 design vessels. Four are fitted with scrubbers, two are not. The vessels have an average of 3.3 years

Both the ships thus far acquired were delivered in 2015 by Chinese shipbuilder Jiangsu New Hantong Ship Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and are fitted with scrubbers.

The first has been renamed the M/V Dublin Eagle and the second M/V Sydney Eagle.

With the delivery of the four remaining acquisition vessels, which have yet to be delivered, the Eagle Bulk fleet will total 50 ships, including 20 Ultramax drybulk vessels acquired over the last 36 months.

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