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DDG 1002 conducts builder’s trials

Written by Marine Log Staff
Zumwalt class destroyer

The future USS Lyndon B. Johnson is the third and final ship in the Zumwalt-class of guided missile destroyers and will provide multi-mission offensive and defensive capabilities to the fleet. [U.S. Navy photograph]

The U.S. Navy’s Program Executive Office Ships (PEO Ships) reports that the future USS Lyndon B. Johnson (DDG 1002) recently conducted builder’s trials. The ship is the third and final vessel in the stealthy-looking Zumwalt class of guided missile destroyers.

Builder’s trials consist of a series of in-port and at-sea demonstrations that allow the shipbuilder, General Dynamics Bath Iron Works and the U.S. Navy to assess the ship’s systems.

“Trials provide an opportunity for the Navy and industry team to test the capability and readiness of the ship,” said Capt. Matthew Schroeder, DDG 1000 program manager, PEO Ships. “DDG 1002 is a warship that is going to equip our fleet with next-generation capability and capacity for the high-end fight.”

After completing builder’s trials and fully proving out the hull, mechanical, and electrical systems, the ship will complete combat systems installation and activation.

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