Dutch containership will be fitted with CO2 capture and storage solution

Written by Nick Blenkey
Blue containership to be fitted with CO2 capture solution

Nordica will be fitted with Value Maritime CO2 capture system

Onboard carbon capture and storage is starting to move from the list of “possible” solutions for reducing ships GHG emissions and into real life applications. As we reported last month, a K-Line ship was recently fitted with a CO2 capture plant as the latest step in a project backed by the Maritime Bureau of Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Now, the Nordica, a 2011-built, 1,040 TEU containership owned by Sneek, Netherlands, headquartered Visser Shipping, is set to become the first vessel to be equipped with an onboard CO2 capture and storage solution developed by Rotterdam based Value Maritime.

A capture module will capture CO2 from the vessel’s exhaust and retain it in a “CO2 battery,” a storage unit that, when filled, will be offloaded at ports and transported to CO2 customers, including in the agricultural sector. When discharged the CO2 battery is returned to the ship.

The capture module will be integrated in Value Maritime’s Filtree System; a small prefabricated, pre-installed, “plug and play” exhaust gas cleaning system.

Visser Shipping currently has three of its vessels equipped with the Filtree System and the Nordica will be updated with the CO2 capture module and CO2 batteries.

“We are satisfied with the Filtree Systems already installed on our vessels,” says Douwe Visser, owner of Visser Shipping. “With the additional CO2 capture solution, we can further improve our vessel’s sustainable footprint from day one, while preparing us for future environmental regulations.”

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