CMA CGM and PSA take just-in-time arrival digital

Written by Nick Blenkey
Just-in-time arrival MOU

Laurent Olmeta, CEO of CMA CGM Asia Pacific, and Ong Kim Pong, regional CEO Southeast Asia, PSA International, at MOU signing ceremony.

The CMA CGM Group and PSA Singapore have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on sustainable solutions relating to CMA CGM’s port and terminal handling activities in Singapore.

One of the focus areas is using PSA’s Opt- E-Arrive digital solution to reduce carbon emissions by optimizing bunker consumption. Opt-E-Arrive is programmed to enable CMA CGM vessels to skip the anchorage stop and arrive just-in-time arrival at berth at the joint venture CMA CGM-PSA Lion Terminal (CPLT). The digitalized solution synchronizes transparent real time activities and automates data exchange between the systems of the carrier and port operator. This enables CMA CGM vessels to optimize vessel speed to be timely for berth. The digitalized solution is expected to produce an annual bunker savings of 4% to 7% for CMA CGM vessels arriving in Singapore is expected to be achieved with the digital solution.

Opt-E-Arrive will be complementary to CMA CGM’s existing Fleet Centers, which it describes as vessel control towers with smart decision support tools for the group’s 566 vessels and their crews. Backed by 26 team members in Marseille, Miami and Singapore, the Fleet Centers provide round the clock support to ensure the safety of the CMA CGM crew, vessels and cargoes. They also offer real time data to adapt vessels’ routes and speed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“The CMA CGM Group is delighted to take sustainable shipping forward with PSA through digital and operational solutions,” said Laurent Olmeta, CEO of CMA CGM Asia Pacific. “As we advance in our energy transition to be a net zero carbon company by 2050, we shall continue to pursue energy efficiency; optimize network; design containerships to progressively operate with zero-carbon energy; and develop a supply chain for new zero carbon energies.”

“We are delighted to embark on this collaboration with our steadfast partner CMA CGM through various initiatives to enhance service excellence,” said Ong Kim Pong, regional CEO Southeast Asia, PSA International. “With greater visibility, closer cooperation and enhanced cargo flow with digital solutions, we can move the world together sustainably, and with greater agility and efficiency.”


This latest MOU on just-in-time arrival tech continues the shared commitment of CMA CGM Group and PSA to drive excellence and decarbonize shipping through the joint venture partnership in CPLT.

Back in March 2021, CPLT hosted Asia’s first ship-to-containership LNG bunkering, undertaken by CMA CGM in Singapore. This paved the way for CMA CGM’s LNG powered vessels to refuel LNG during container operations in the Port of Singapore, reducing transit times and their stay in the port.

In February this year, the CMA CGM Group launched biofuel bunkering at CPLT as part of its global trial to scale-up the wider adoption of the fuel.

The CMA CGM Group has chosen to invest in dual-fuel vessels that run on LNG, avoiding up to 99% of atmospheric pollutant emissions. It says that LNG is an important first step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and that the engines installed on these vessels are capable of using BioLNG (reducing CO2 emissions by 67%).

In the coming years, those engines will use synthetic methane (including e-methane). The CMA CGM Group already has a fleet of 28 “e-methane ready” vessels in service and will have a total of 44 of those vessels by the end of 2024.

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