MAN Cryo lands order for advanced FGSS solution

Written by Nick Blenkey
car carrier featuring MAN Cryo FGSS

Car carriers are being built for charter to Volkswagen [Image: Wallenius]

A new series of ultra eco-friendly dual-fuel car carriers ordered by Wallenius Marine for charter to Volkswagen will be even greener. They will feature a first of its kind fuel gas supply system (FGSS) developed by MAN Cryo, part of MAN Energy Solutions and a leader in the field of storage and handling of LNG and natural gas.

“This represents yet another world-first for MAN Cryo where the boil-off gas will be sent to the low methane-slip ME-GI main engine via a high-pressure, boil-off-gas compressor,” says Henrik Malm, managing director at MAN Energy Solutions, Sweden and Finland. “Due to the installed shaft generator, this further reduces the running hours on the auxiliary engines.”

The 6,500 car capacity ships are being built in China by Yantai CIMC Raffles Shipyard. Under a contract awarded by the shipbuilder, MAN Cryo’s scope of delivery will include:

  • port- and starboard-side bunkering stations
  • LNG storage tank with a volume of 2,300 cubic meters
  • tank connection space with low-pressure vaporizer, BOG heater and two LNG pumps
  • high-pressure gas-handling equipment for delivery of gas to MAN B&W ME-GI two-stroke main engine
  • boil-off gas (BOG) management system, including one high-pressure compressor
  • on-board nitrogen-generation system
  • control system and gas-detection system.

The fuel gas supply systems for the vessels will be delivered during 2023.

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