Port of San Francisco looks for new tenant for shipyard

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Shipyard at Pier 70, Port of San Francisco

AUGUST 22, 2017 — The Port of San Francisco is circulating a Request for Proposals seeking a partner to lease the shipyard at the port’s Pier 70.

The shipyard operated as BAE Ship Repair until January when it was taken over Tacoma, WA, based Puglia Engineering, only to close in May.

Now the port appears to have resolved a number of issues with BAE and Puglia and says the yard “is undergoing an unprecedented refresh of new investment.”

The shipyard site includes approximately 14.7 acres of land improved with sixteen buildings and 17.4 acres of submerged lands with tenant-controlled access. Additionally, the shipyard includes port-owned assets, including sfloating Dry Dock #2, floating Dry Dock Eureka, and an 8k ampere shoreside power System.

A $5 million project was completed in 2008 that upgraded Dry Dock #2 to post-Panamax lifting capacity and, significantly, the port now says that among investments and improvements it is making are a dredging project to include a dredging beneath Dry Dock #2 to a depth of 60 feet and Wharf 4 East to a depth of 30 feet including dredge support costs such as testing, permitting management fees along with mobilization, deployment, fees and management costs.

The port also says it has reached a “nearly-final Project Partnership Agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the continued dredging of the Central Basin, the access way into and out of the shipyard.”

Download the RFP HERE


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