Biden administration to seek funding for fifth NSMV

Written by Nick Blenkey
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MARAD budget request includes $315.6 million to complete NSMV program/

As Congress starts in on its annual appropriations process, the Office of Management and Budget has released a preliminary discretionary request that signals some of what will be in the Biden administration’s full budget request.

One piece of good news, not least for Philly Shipyard, is that the discretionary request for the Department of Transportation includes funding for the fifth NSMV training ship.

Here’s the exact language in the preliminary request:

Secures a State-of-the-Art Training Vessel for the Next Generation of Merchant Mariners. The discretionary request provides funding to purchase the fifth and final State maritime academy training vessel within the Maritime Administration. This funding would support good-paying jobs in the domestic ship-building industry and provide an invaluable platform to train the next generation of U.S.-credentialed mariners. With this final ship, all five State maritime academies would receive state-of-art training vessels, retiring the current ships, which have outlived their useful life

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