Esvagt orders Havyard 832 MPV to support Hess contract

Written by Nick Blenkey
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JUNE 6, 2016 —Esbjerg, Denmark, headquartered offshore services specialist Esvagt is ordering a newbuild Havyard 832 MPV multifunctional vessel to support an expansion in the scope of a contract with Hess.

Esvagt has been working with Hess at the South Arne field in the Danish sector of the North Sea of for 17 years, providing supply and standby vessels for the South Arne platform, as well as connecting tank vessels to Hess production tanks. Its latest contract with Hess, which came into effect May 1, now sees Esvagt also supply service, maintenance and inspection of the hose system and perform service vessel duties in connection with work on Hess’ unmanned platforms.

These operations, beginning 2018, will be handled by one purpose-designed Esvagt vessel.

“We are very pleased that Hess chose to extend the contract and expand our cooperation by entrusting us with more work. We see it as a confirmation of trust in our working relationship and our skills – both now and in the future,” says Esvagt managing director Søren Nørgaard Thomsen.

The Esvagt Omega provided standby services for Hess in the South Arne field until the start of May. These duties are now being performed by the Esvagt Connector until the new vessel is delivered by the shipbuilder, Turkey’s Cemre Shipyard.

Norway’s Havyard Design & Solutions is designing the vessel.

In addition to design, Havyard will also deliver ship equipment system packages with a total value of more than NOK 100 million, including Havyard’s own Concept Bridge.

The company’s Vice President Sales, Gisle Vinjevoll Thrane, says the contract means work for both Havyard Design & Solutions and Havyard Power & Systems, in addition to several subcontractors in its region.

The Havyard 832 MPV design is the result of long-term work on the hull shape and improved seakeeping capabilities.

With a length of 81.9 m and beam of 17.16 m, the vessel will have a  deck area of 620 sq. m, a speed of 15 knots and a bollard pull of 100 tonnes.

“Our objectives have been very clear in terms of what we want to achieve, we’ve had strict requirements and put a lot of resources into finding the best interaction between the variables that provide the best performance and seakeeping capabilities,” says Havyard Group R&D Manager, Kristian Steinsvik.

The vessel will be the sixth Havyard vessel contracted by Esvagt, but the first in the oil and gas sector, the other contracts being for four Wind Service Operation Vessels and one wind sector Crew Change Vessel.

“Through our close cooperation with Havyard, we know that we receive vessels that provide our customers with safe, innovative and efficient services,” says Esvagt COO Kristian Ole Jakobsen.

The ship is the second that Esvagt has ordered from Cemre Shipyard, where it currently has a Havyard  831 Wind Service Operation Vessel under construction.

“We are very pleased to have a growing business relationship with Esvagt and they choose to build this impressive most advanced multi-purpose vessel in Turkey and at Cemre Shipyard. Through our high-quality and long lasting business mentality, Cemre has delivered many ships to European clients up to now, and will continue to do more,” said Hüseyin Şanlı, Cemre Shipyard Manager.

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