Eastern launches 340 ft MPFSV for Harvey Gulf

Written by Nick Blenkey
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MAY 24, 2016 — Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc., Panama City, FL, reports that its Allanton Shipyard last month launched Harvey Blue-Sea (Hull 250) the second of two 340 ft multi-purpose service vessels (MPSV) on order for Harvey Gulf International Marine, Inc. of New Orleans, LA.

Designed by Vard Marine, the  Harvey Blue-Sea will feature a 250 t AHC knuckle boom offshore crane with lift capabilities in up to 4,000 m of water, a helideck and accommodations for up to 150 crew and offshore workers.

Vessel dimensions: (LOA) 340 ft x 73 ft x 29 ft 3 in

Regulatory: ABS +A1, HELIDK, Offshore Support Vessel (Heavy Lift), Circle E, +AMS, +ACCU, +DPS-2, NBLES, ENVIRO+, GP, UWILD, MLC 2006, SPS (Special Purpose Ship) 2008, CRC Capable.

Certifications: USCG, Subchapter I, Subchapter L, SOLAS/IMO

Power Generation: Wartsila: DE 690VAC

Generators: Wartsila: 6L32 US EPA Tier 2, IMO II, 4 x 3,170kW (12,680kW)

Propulsion: Schottel: SRP 3030 FPP (VFD) Z-Drives, 2 x 4,489HP (8,978HP)

Tunnel Bow Thrusters: Schottel: STT 5 FPP (VFD), 3 x 2010HP (6,030HP-DP)

Offshore Crane: One (1) National Oil Well Varco, Hydralift 250MT SUBSEA Knuckle Boom Offshore Crane/w Active Heave Compensation, 4,000M Water Depth

Deck/Stores Crane: One (1) North Pacific Telescoping Crane Model MCT-327 3,200 LB @ 16′ (1.5 MT @ 3m)

Helideck: One (1) Helidex: Aluminum Offshore Helideck 22.2m diameter sized for a Sikorsky S-92 helicopter with reception area seating for 24 persons.

Moon Pool: One (1) Mid-ship CL. 24 ft  x 24 ft Moon Pool w/Main Deck Closure

ROV/LARS: The vessel’s electrical system is arranged to power two (2) 250HP ROV/LARS Systems, 4,000 m Water Depth Operations

Stabilizing System: Hoppe Marine, Roll Dampening

Stabilizing Tanks: Two (2)

Active Anti-Heeling System: Hoppe Marine, 4,400 GPM

Anti-Heeling Tanks: Four (4) Passive


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