Cat Multi-Engine Optimizer helps Vroon gain major fuel savings

Written by Nick Blenkey
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VOS Partner

JULY 5, 2018 — Vroon Offshore Services (VOS) reports that it hasrecently invested in technology capable of saving its clients about 100,000 liters of fuel per year, based on a nine-month test done in the North Sea using the Ulstein PX121 VOS Partner, with its innovative mix of engines, and the new Multi-Engine Optimizer (MEO) from Caterpillar.

Previously, operators had to base engine selection on rigid kW load points and then run all engines at an equal load. Now, with MEO, they gain the ability to operate engines at independent load factors, significantly reducing fuel consumption.

The MEO uses proprietary fuel maps and patented control algorithms to advise the power-management system on the optimum combination of engines and engine load points that will consume the least amount of fuel. Depending on vessel workload and operational requirements, use of the MEO often results in double-digit percentage fuel savings.

Vroon documents these savings through mechanical fuel metering and simulation algorithms that display the results on the bridge, in the engine room and to shore locations. This enables clients a real-time look at the value of using the VOS Partner with MEO, compared to older vessels with common engines and common power-management strategies.

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