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WinGD and HHI put their smarts together

Written by Nick Blenkey
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MARCH 2, 2018 — Aiming to put the smart engine into the smart ship, engine designer Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) and shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) have signed an agreement to integrate their advanced digital technologies to provide greater insight and benefit to ship owners from their engine and ship data.

The collaboration will provide shipping companies with extensive digital knowledge allowing them to reduce the ship’s operational cost while providing insight on how to operate the ship and its engine more efficiently. Through their combined expertise HHI and WinGD will be able to offer enhanced customer understanding and support, to ensure quick and accurate responses to challenges related to engine and ship operations.

WinGD’s Engine Diagnostic System (EDS) provides continuous, intelligent-diagnostics of the engine and component performance. This allows a ship’s operator to be alerted prior to an alarm signal with the goal of scheduling necessary maintenance to improve safety and to avoid unscheduled engine interruptions.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group’s INTEGRICT-Smart Ship Solution is based on proprietary technology capable of realizing economical and reliable navigation and management of ships. The solution standardizes ways of navigation varying depending on levels of skills and experiences of navigators and collects and analyzes real-time information on navigation.

The collaboration between HHI Group and WinGD maximizes the benefits of the HHI INTEGRICT Smart ship Solution by integrating the deep analysis of the smart engine diagnostic from the WinGD EDS.

“Recent progress in information and communication technology and the availability of robust digital solutions are creating new opportunities within the marine industry,” says Carmelo Cartalemi, General Manager, Business Development at WinGD. “The integration of HHI’sISS and our EDS creates the possibility to access even more detailed data analysis by drawing on the core competencies of both companies, leading to unique and highly valuable insights.”.

“We believe that ship operation can be further improved through a smart ship solution,” says Heung Won Seo, Research Director, HHI. “With WinGD we have the possibility to access deeper insights from the main engine. Combined with our ISS intelligence this offers our customers a level of knowledge and understanding of their ship that is unparalleled.”

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