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Van Oord orders LNG fueled crane vessel

Written by Nick Blenkey
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MARCH 13, 2017 — Rotterdam headquartered Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors has ordered a new crane vessel that will be its first LNG fueled vessel.

To be named Werkendam, the vessel will be built at the Neptune shipyard in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, the Netherlands

Expected to be delivered in about 12 months, the vessel will generally be used on Netherlands-based projects executed by subsidiary Paans Van Oord.

On completion, the vessel will operate on LNG, with gas oil as backup. A 38 cu.m LNG fuel tank on the aft deck, will enable the Werkendam to sail and operate for fourteen days without bunkering LNG.

It will be equipped with sensors and energy storage systems.

The sensors will monitor the energy consumption of almost all of the equipment and systems on board, making it possible to store and reuse energy overcapacity, for example when operating the crane.

The data produced by these monitoring systems will provide crew members with an insight into energy consumption, enabling them to respond appropriately.

Jaap de Jong, Staff Director of the Ship Management Department at Van Oord, says: “Energy efficiency is one of the top items on our sustainability agenda. To reduce our carbon footprint, we are researching the use of alternative fuels, such as LNG and biofuel. With this investment, we will be gaining experience of LNG-powered vessels and the related benefits.”


  • Length 68.40 m
  • Breadth overall 11.40 m
  • Hopper capacity 700 cu.m
  • Propulsion 2 x 550 kW
  • Bow thruster 450 kW
  • LNG-powered generator 3 x 475 kW
  • LNG tank 1 x 38 cu.m
  • Spud poles 2 x, electric-powered
  • Crane
    – Type: four-rope grab crane
    – Lifting capacity: 20 t at 20 m and 25 t at 16 m
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