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SEACOR units join Puerto Rico recovery efforts

Written by Nick Blenkey
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OCTOBER 18, 2017 — Fort Lauderdale, FL, headquartered SEACOR Holdings (SEACOR) (NYSE:CKH) reports that three of its units have been awarded contracts to help expedite Puerto Rico’s recovery from the recent hurricanes.

“We are pleased that our assets and operational expertise can contribute to solving logistics problems in Puerto Rico,” said COO Eric Fabrikant.

“Our shipping group’s SEA-CHEM 1 vessel has been on station in San Juan for 15 days delivering diesel oil directly into trucks which ferry the fuel to critical care facilities, such as hospitals and dialysis centers,” said Mr. Fabrikant. “We estimate it will take another 15 or 20 days to complete the mission. Pumping oil directly from a tanker into trucks requires planning and careful oversight. It is a much slower discharge process than emptying into big shore tanks.”

“Our CLEANCOR joint venture is in the process of assembling 21 tank-trailers which carry drinking water,” Mr. Fabrikant continued. “They are being loaded on vessels bound for Puerto Rico tomorrow. These units carry 120,000 gallons of potable water, which will service local communities. We were able to place these containers on our Trailer Bridge affiliate’s regular weekly sailing to ensure prompt delivery.”

In addition to the equipment provided by Seabulk Tankers and CLEANCOR, the landing craft, Bahamas Express, part of the SEACOR Island Lines fleet, will be supporting the Virgin Islands recovery effort, delivering generators and supplies in hard to access locations on the islands.

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