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Penguin Shipyard completes fiftieth Flex

Written by Nick Blenkey

KIRRIE1JUNE 17, 2013 — Penguin Shipyard International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore-based Penguin International Limited, has completed its fiftieth Flex crewboat.

The 38 m, 4,050 bhp Kirrie is to be delivered to the FEMCO Group for deployment off Russia’s Sakhalin Island. The vessel is a Flex-38SL, a stretched-deck version of Penguin’s popular Flex-38S series that has a 100 sq.m cargo deck area (compared to 80 sq. m on the Flex-38S) and carrying capacities for 70 passengers, 55 tons of deck cargo, 72,000 liters of fuel and 30,000 liters of freshwater.

It is powered by three Cummins KTA-38-M2 mechanical controlled main engines, rated at 1,350 bhp each and is capable of reaching speeds of up to 27 knots, which Penguin says makes it the world’s fastest mid-sized crewboat with mechanical controlled engines.

Kirrie will be the first Flex crewboat to be deployed in Sakhalin, where it will provide essential transportation and standby services for the Exxon Neftegas-operated Chaivo and Piltun- Astokhskoe oilfields located north-east of Sakhalin Island.

The vessel had to meet all the stringent requirements of Exxon Neftegas, and was also specially customized to meet FEMCO’s operating requirements. These included the installation of an extensive heating system throughout the vessel, from the engine room through to the passenger compartment up to the bridge; the installation of a Palfinger foldable knuckle-boom crane; as well various other modifications to suit FEMCO’s needs.

Notwithstanding the customization and modifications, the entire construction process took less than six months to complete.

“We are grateful to FEMCO for the opportunity to customize a crewboat to meet their unique operating requirements in Sakhalin, all within an accelerated timeframe,” said Penguin Group Managing Director James Tham. “This is what we in Penguin love doing for our clients. That Kirrie happens to be our fiftieth completed Flex makes this day all the more sweeter for us.”

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