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PCTC suspected in fishing vessel hit has bow damage

Written by Nick Blenkey

NOCC Oceanic underway AERIAL xii - 06.11.2012JUNE 25, 2013 — Norwegian Car Carriers ASA (NOCC) has issued an update on the incident in which the Japanese Coast Guard said that the PCTC NOCC Oceanic might have been the vessel that cut a Japanese fishing vessel in two, June 23 (see earlier story).

NOCC said today that following instructions from the Japanese Coast Guard, NOCC Oceanic arrived in the Japanese port of Sendai-Shiogama in the evening of June 24, for investigations of possible involvement in the accident.

The Japanese Coast Guard commenced investigations June 25 morning, local time.

An inspection of the hull of NOCC Oceanic conducted this morning has revealed damage to the bow area of the vessel, indicating physical contact with an object. The investigations are on-going.

Norwegian Car Carriers ASA currently has a team present in Sendai-Shiogama to assist the Japanese authorities in the investigations.

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