Partnership aims to develop OSV operation “game changer”

Written by Nick Blenkey
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DOF vessels Skandi Vega and Skandi Iceman involved in a complex offshore operation (Photo courtesy of Equinor, by Espen Roennevik, Roar Lindefjeld)

Kongsberg Maritime, ship operator DOF ASA and Norwegian research organizations SINTEF Ocean and NORCE have formed a partnership to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for complex offshore operations, while streamlining fleet-wide maintenance.

With backing from Innovation Norway, the partners will develop a new Decision Support System (DSS) for offshore vessel operations.

They say it will be a game changer in how marine operational decisions are supported by providing more accurate, timely, and easily consumable information to decision makers; from the vessel’s Chief Engineer to the Chief Operation Officer based shore-side.

“The partnership is focused on building a platform for intelligent efficiency, made possible only through the integration of operational, information and communication technologies,” said Eirik Mathiesen, Director of Energy Products Integration, Kongsberg Maritime. “Encompassing IoT, new smart sensors on board will stream accurate data to the cloud-based DSS, where deep analysis with intuitive presentation and application will drive equitable and predictable operational performance.”

“Going ‘smart’ is integral to maintaining our position as the number one OSV ship manager today and into the future, in a sustainable way,” said Lars Christian Larsen, Senior Project Manager for Energy Management, DOF. “Smart is not just deploying the right technologies. Developing our culture to focus even more on sustainable operations with minimal environmental impact will be as important as the technology we create with Kongsberg, SINTEF Ocean and NORCE. DOF’s maritime experience together with the collection of big data in an operationally logical way will ensure success.”

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