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Imtech system nominated for innovation award

Written by Nick Blenkey

CMAL-Hybrid-Ferry2AUGUST 21, 2012 — An intelligent energy management system being supplied for two hybrid ferries is one of the four nominees for the Dutch Maritime Innovation Award 2012.

On order for CMAL (Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd) at Ferguson Shipbuilders, Port Glasgow, Scotland, the ferries will be the world’s first two seagoing diesel electric hybrid ROpax ferries (see earlier story).

The energy management system, developed by Imtech Marine, controls the allocation of hybrid energy sources and energy consumers by means of intelligent automation and continuously realizes the optimal energy efficient, lowest emission and cost efficient sailing profile. This way, says Imtech, the user will be able to completely focus on the sailing tasks, without worrying about the usage of the available energy sources and energy consumers.

According to Imtech, the deployment of the energy management system will lead to fuel savings from 20 percent to 25 percent using the hybrid solution. In addition the system will be capable of making maximum use of renewable energy sources and will ensure an optimal lifespan of the batteries and generators. The diesel-generator sets will be able to run at an optimal speed, which will reduce the wear and tear, significantly decreasing required maintenance. The system will also considerably reduce emissions. The system will be supplied to two Scottish ferry’s for CMAL (Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd) which will operate on the Clyde and Scottish Hebrides.

The HME Maritime Innovation Award is awarded yearly to the most innovating maritime supplier in the Netherlands and this year will be presented at a Maritime Awards Gala on November 8.

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