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Green Steam Optimizer enables fuel savings

Written by Nick Blenkey
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AUGUST 28, 2014 — Danish technology company GreenSteam will showcase its fuel saving GreenSteam Optimizer at next month’s SMM event in Hamburg, Germany.

GreenSteam Optimizer is an adaptive, data-driven, on-board decision support system to help the Master to make the right decisions.

Achieving the absolute maximum fuel efficiency for a vessel means operating at the most efficient speed using as little fuel as possible. The optimal settings and parameters such as trim, draft are a vital in setting up the vessel, and depend on a range of conditions such as load, waves, wind, water depth, and many other factors. By continually optimizing the trim and draft of the vessel based on data collected onboard the vessel, propulsion resistance is minimized, saving fuel.

The GreenSteam Optimizer is compact and intuitive, simple to use, and fitting the unit to existing vessels is simple and straightforward requiring no major modification of the ship. Installation takes less than a day if the cabling has been prepared.

The system consists of two small GreenSteam , installed in the bridge wings, and a touch screen console that connects to the radars and to trim, wind and flow meter sensors.

Thise data can be made available to users in various convenient ways, allowing the customer to carry out high-quality analyses of the vessel.

The collected data is of a much higher frequency and quality than, for example, that obtained through so-called “noon reporting.”

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