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Essberger signs 35 vessel broadband deal with Telemar

Written by Nick Blenkey

telemar logoAUGUST 7, 2012 — German shipowner John T. Essberger is adopting broadband satellite communications for its fleet of 35 vessels. It has signed a contract with the Telemar Group’s Telemar GmbH subsidiary that includes the provision of satellite air time through 2015 by Telemar’s partner, Vizada.

Telemar will, in a turnkey arrangement, deliver and install a customized hardware solution including FB250 terminals as per Essberger specifications which will allow access to the global arteries of digital communications in real time via the Inmarsat Fleet Broadband network. Telemar support for the installations will include a dedicated project engineer, maintenance of the equipment and a 24/7 priority customer service.

Telemar says that adoption of Fleet Broadband “consolidates the Telemar strategy that considers Inmarsat as the most reliable partner for its integrated projects on the strength of Inmarsat state of the art, high performance, affordable and global broadband services.”

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