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ECDIS familiarization guidelines available

Written by Nick Blenkey

ecdis recommendationsNOVEMBER 21, 2012 — The Nautical Institute has announced the publication of Industry Recommendations for ECDIS Familiarization.The guidance has been issued by the ECDIS Training Group – an industry body made up of leading international shipping organizations and coordinated by the Nautical Institute. The guidance is intended to promote clarity on generic training and familiarization relating to Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS).

”As our industry moves away from depending solely on paper charts, this guidance provides important clarification in terms of the competencies required for what has become a vitally important navigational and decision support tool, said Nautical Institute Chief Executive Philip Wake. “The ECDIS Training Group first came together in 2011 to tackle this issue and we are indebted to them for having applied their expertise for the benefit of all of us in the maritime community.”

As part of its guidance, the ECDIS Training Group recommends that companies should establish clear guidance for the use of ECDIS within their Safety Management System procedures. It has also produced a Familiarization Checklist that details tasks officers of the watch of ships using ECDIS should be able to demonstrate competency in. The checklist covers the following areas: initial preparation, basic operation, charts, navigation tools and functions, route planning and route monitoring.

The organizations supporting this guidance are: BIMCO, GlobalMET, International Federation of Shipmasters’ Associations, International Group of P&I Clubs, International Maritime Pilots’ Association, International Chamber of Shipping, InterManager, INTERTANKO, International Shipping Federation, Marine Accident Investigators’ International Forum, Oil Companies International Marine Forum and The Nautical Institute. 

The Industry Recommendations for ECDIS Familiarization is available on the Nautical Institute’s ECDIS forum at www.nautinst.org/ECDIStraining  

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