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Damen to deliver new design aquaculture Utility Vessel

Written by Nick Blenkey
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UV 4312

JANUARY 31, 2017 — Norway’s Volt Service AS, a subsidiary of Remøy Ship Management, has signed a contract with Damen Shipyards Group for a UV 4312 utility vessel to be delivered in first quarter 2018.

The vessel, to be named Volt Processor, will undertake delousing operations and other services at Norwegian salmon farms. Remøy Management AS has been involved in the development of the project and will perform the building supervision. It will also manage the vessel when delivered.

The UV 4312 is based on the smaller UV 2410, but, at 43 meters, reflects the value operators place on having an abundance of open protected deck space. The design has been optimized with extensive feedback from the aquaculture industry to suit the latest techniques in salmon delousing that reduce or eliminating the need for chemicals in the treatment operations.

The combination of the UV 4312 design with the latest delousing techniques results in a highly mobile delousing vessel able to service more farms in a larger region and in more open waters.

Mr Even T. Remøy, CEO of Remøy Management said, “We turned to Damen as we have good experience with them. They were able to accommodate all the requirements we had for our vessel. Furthermore, they were able to offer us a very quick turnaround of the project so that we could get underway with our operations in the quickest possible timeframe.”

The standard design of the UV 4312 included a diesel-electric configuration, providing an efficient, flexible power supply for the 750 kW propulsion installation and for driving the deck equipment when moored within a farm. Other features include a low freeboard, easy access to the waterline on both sides, a large hold and removable railings for hose-handling operations.

The UV 4312 is open to customization. In the case of the Volt Processor, Damen will tailor the vessel to the requirements of the client, which include a third crane, DP1, an increased bow thruster power, an extra generator set and an ozone generator.

The vessel’s low freeboard minimizes the height difference experienced by the fish during pumping and delousing, which ensures a reduction of stress. Accommodations are provided for up to ten persons in six cabins, plus galley and mess room.

The flexibility of the design means that the vessel can be further equipped in support of other aquaculture activities, such as installation and maintenance works.

Damen Sales Manager Remko Hottentot said, “The UV 4312 is a cost-efficient, ship-shaped and self-propelled floating work station for delousing operations. We did our homework. Compared to earlier vessels this new one offers increased flexibility and improved cost-efficiency. We wish Volt Service and Remøy Management all the very best with their vessel.”

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