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Crowley vessels rack up environmental awards

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Left to right, first row: Francis Lamb, Donna Sears, Tara Weber; second row: Mike Lamb, Steve Sears, Tim Weber, Andy Legge; and third row: Kevin Cameron and Mark Richards

NOVEMBER 13, 2014 — Eighty-nine Crowley Maritime Corp.-owned and operated vessels were honored with Certificates of Environmental Achievement for years of safe operations during the eleventh-annual Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA) awards ceremony today.

Crowley received an award for each vessel that worked at least two consecutive years without an environmental incident. The 89 vessels have logged a combined 968 years of service without incident.

Each year, CSA invites all owners and operators of vessels that work on oceans or inland waterways to nominate their vessels for Environmental Achievement awards. Approximately 1,386 vessels from 58 companies, including Crowley, were recognized this year at the ceremony held in Washington, D.C. The vessels honored accumulated a total of 10,749 years of safe operations.

Forty-seven of Crowley’s vessels have gone without incident for 10 or more consecutive years, including the following: Saturn, 45 years; Kuparuk River and Kavik River, each with 44 years; and Sag River, 39 years.

Crowley has been honored with Environmental Achievement Awards each year since at least 2005.

“Safety is the No. 1 core value at Crowley. This includes the safety of our people and those around them as well as the environment,” said Mike Golonka, vice president, ship management. “These awards recognize the rigorous work of our crews, who ensure that our vessels operate safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.”

Accepting the awards on behalf of Crowley were Andy Legge, manager, operations integrity; Steve Sears, captain; Mike Lamb, captain, Pelican State; Mark Richards, port engineer, Cape T’s; Tim Weber, chief engineer, Cape Decision; Tara Weber, engineer, Cape Edmont; and Kevin Cameron, port captain.

Crowley published a Safety in Towing Handbook two decades before the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, evidence of the company’s long history of environmental protection. This has developed into a strong company culture of environmental stewardship, focusing on greener technology, more environmentally friendly operations and partnerships that help build a greener planet.

Crowley’s EcoStewardship initiatives have led to special recognition over the years from several government organizations including the U.S. Coast Guard’s William Benkert Award for Environmental Excellence, Washington Department of Ecology Exceptional Compliance Program, Pacific States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force Legacy Award and the United States Green Building Council LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Award Designation, among others.

The following is a list of vessels owned or operated by Crowley, or one of its subsidiaries, that received environmental excellence awards this year from the CSA:

Vessel Name Award Years
MV Pilot 14
Arctic Hawk 11
Kalluk 3
MV Admiral 2
MV Aku 14
MV Belaya Kuropatka 14
MV Chief 15
MV Gauntlet 14
MV Goliah 7
MV Guard 9
MV Guardian 14
MV Guardsman 6
MV Guide 15
MV Kavik River 44
MV Kuparuk River 44
MV Leader 3
MV Master 16
MV Nachik 5
MV Ocean Wave 2
MV Protector 3
MV Pt Oliktok 32
MV Pt. Thompson 17
MV Rampart 14
MV Sag River 39
MV Saturn 45
MV Scout 15
MV Sea Breeze 14
MV Sea Horse 14
MV Sea Prince 10
MV Spartan 10
MV Tioga 15
MV Toolik River 14
MV Valor 7
MV Vigilant 14
MV Warrior 14
Tanerliq 15
Tug Alert 14
Tug Aware 4
Tug Bulwark 14
Tug Nanuq 15
MV Defender 14
MV Ensign 14
MV Explorer 14
MV Monitor 14
MV Patriarch 14
MV Sentry 14
Tug Ranger 14
ATB Integrity/650-4 6
ATB Legend/750-2 2
ATB Ocean Reliance/550-3 11
ATB Pride/650-7 5
ATB Resolve/650-3 6
ATB Sea Reliance/550-1 12
ATB Sound Reliance/550-2 12
ATB VISION/650-10 3
Pennsylvania 2
Cape Inscription 3
Cape Intrepid 3
Cape Isabe l 2
Cape Island 2
Cape Taylor 11
Cape Washington 3
Courage (ARC) 4
Empire State 4
Evergreen State 3
Freedom (ARC) 8
Golden State 4
Independence II (ARC) 4
Integrity (ARC) 7
National Glory 6
Ocean Crescent 2
Ocean Freedom 2
Ocean Titan 4
Pelican State 4
Resolve (ARC) 6
SS Curtiss 15
SS Wright 9
Sunshine State 4
Cape Decision 11
Cape Diamond 10
Cape Domingo 9
Cape Douglas 7
Cape Ducato 8
Carat 2
Charleston Express 16
Philadelphia Express 16
St Louis Express 16
Washington Express 2
Yorktown Express 13
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