Castrol launches “get an expert on board” technical service

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Responding to ongoing industry changes, a leading marine lubricant supplier, Castrol, has launched a new “Get an expert on board” technical service. The move comes as the marine market adapts to new technologies and fuels that have led to increasingly complex challenges. In the past, engineers knew which engines, fuels and oils worked best together, as engines and fuels were invariably consistent. However, the ramping up of environmental legislation, along with more demands for greater sustainability from cargo owners and financiers, have changed things.

Castrol’s experts have for many years advised vessel owners and operators on how to best optimize performance and improve fleet reliability. It says that today’s announcement will see these services improved and streamlined, with a focus on three overarching functional service areas: scheduling, monitoring and consultancy.

Within the simplified three service areas, Castrol experts can be trusted to help support customers with preventive maintenance, identify and resolve engine issues – including those directly related to lubricants – as well as providing consultative support to resolve wider operational challenges.

Castrol’s team of marine experts, many of whom were formerly marine engineers, take a collaborative approach to guide shipowners and operators in how to better protect valuable assets and take advantage of new opportunities. The team can advise on how best to deal with engine wear issues and share their knowledge on products, equipment, technology and operations, as well as broader troubleshooting on wider issues linked to equipment performance and data interpretation.

Cassandra Higham, marketing director, global marine & energy, at Castrol, says: “Castrol understands that the marine and energy markets face unprecedented challenges and opportunities, including new fuels and new regulations driving energy efficiency, decarbonization and emissions reduction. Choosing the right lubricant, in partnership with the best technical services team, can provide a preventive maintenance approach aiming at prolonging the operational lifetime of the engines and achieving efficiency gains.

“Being ‘on board’ is about collaboration; on the vessel, on a call, or online, at any time,” she says. “We are committed to finding solutions and improvements that are specific to each customer. Again and again, from customers all over world, we hear that it’s our experts that put us ahead, with customers appreciating the value of the experience, knowledge and expertise we offer. We are trusted to support customers with preventive maintenance, identify and resolve engine problems relating to lubricants, as well as provide broader consultative support around wider engine issues, ultimately doing our part to counter the increasing complexity within our industry.”

Castrol offers a range of solutions that offer different benefits depending on a fleet’s unique needs. These solutions include Labcheck Auto, Labcheck Value, Labcheck Specialist Condition Monitoring, Labcheck Scavenge Drain Analysis and Labcheck Digital Portal.

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