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Bourbon expands ROV fleet

Written by Marine Log Staff
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JANUARY 20, 2015—Paris-based Bourbon is expanding its subsea capabilities with the addition of three next-generation Heavy Duty Work Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) designed by FMC Technologies Schilling Robotics, Houston, TX.  By the end of this year, Bourbon expects to have 18 ROVs, 11 of which will be Work Class units.

“We are very excited that Bourbon continues to experience the superior reliability of our ROV technology, and continues to expand their fleet with us,” says Tyler Schilling, President of FMC Technologies Schilling Robotics.

Capable of operating at depths of up to 3000 m, these next generation ROVs will be deployed on Bourbon’s fleet of Multi-Purpose Support Vessels (MPSV) such Bourbon Evolution 800 series—which can serve as a subsea vessel (equipped with one or two ROVs), well intervention vessel, floating hotel (accommodating up to 240) or mini FPSO (with storage up to 24,000 bbl of crude).

Fitted with high-tech equipment—manipulator arms, dynamic positioning, high definition camera, sonar and software—these HD Work ROVs are highly maneuverable. They can carry up to 3000 Kg of special measurement or intervention tools. They are therefore ideal for activities such as survey, wellhead installation, or asset tie-in.

These HD Work ROVs help to perform a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • monitoring of operations through video coverage,
  • inspecting structures to check on corrosion,
  • installing subsea equipment,
  • assembling production systems,
  • or taking measurements and collecting survey data.

Like the group’s MPSV vessels, the Bourbon ROV the fleet is deployed across the world near the areas of operation of its clients, major oil companies and contractors. Most of the ROVs are deployed in Mediterranean waters, in West Africa, and soon in the Far East.

For example, thee ROVs are operating in Italian waters for Eni on survey and inspection missions; and five in West Africa under contract with Total and Saipem for survey, Inspection, Maintenance, Reparation and construction missions.

In line with Bourbon’s standardization strategy, these ROVs are purchased as a series. This standardization yields many advantages for clients in terms of reliability and continuity of service. It helps to make ROV maintenance easier and to develop specific simulator training sessions.

“Bourbon’s employees are trained and proven for this type of operation. We provide our clients with highly qualified, experienced ROV operators. Capable of piloting as well as maintaining these next-generation ROVs, they ensure the proper monitoring of operations, upstream and downstream,” explains Patrick Belenfant, Bourbon’s Senior Vice President Subsea Services.




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