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BMT Argoss and International Paint partner to deliver measurable hull coatings performance

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logo_bmtCorpBMT Group member BMT Argoss has formed a partnership with International Paint to deliver demonstrable and transparent improvements in performance, efficiency and environmental emissions for the global shipping fleet.

They say that shipowners and ship operators will be able to benefit from a measurable reduction in energy use and CO2 emission by using International Paint’s fouling control coatings in conjunction with the BMT Smartservices system (developed by BMT Argoss) to independently monitor and report the performance of their vessels.

BMT Smartservices builds on the successful track record of BMT Smartpower, an advanced onboard, real-time performance monitoring and reporting system that acquires and records data automatically from ship sensors and provides valuable ship performance information to the crew and shore based management.

When employed as a package, the BMT system can be used with International Paint’s Intersmooth (R) SPC, a self-polishing copolymer biocidal antifouling that offers 4 percentsavings and 37 years of proven performance on over 33,000 ships, as well as Intersleek (R), a fluoropolymer foul release coating that offers fuel and emission savings of up to 9 percent.

Han Wensink, Managing Director of BMT Argoss commented: “BMT SMartservices will clearly and transparently demonstrate any in-service performance changes when International Paint’s hull coatings have been used. Equipped with a user friendly web based interface and drawing on BMT’s 24/7 access to high quality metocean data, the new system can play a major role in improving operational efficiency of the global shipping fleet.”

Paul Robbins, Worldwide Marine Marketing Director at International Paint continued: “We are confident that our high performance biocidal antifoulings and foul release coatings when used in conjunction with BMT Smartservices will deliver quantifiable added value for ship owner and operators. One of the reasons we partnered with BMT is that the new system can accurately determine total performance levels by recording over 30,000 readings per day, providing complete transparency and evidence to owners and operators of the performance improvements our advanced hull coatings technology can deliver. The BMT system can be installed at newbuilding or as a retro-fit and by utilizing International Paint’s and BMT’s global networks, in-service support will be provided at every stage throughout the life of the coating and the monitoring system.”

BMT Argoss  is a consulting company monitoring, analyzing and forecasting environmental conditions with a focus on providing innovative meteorological and oceanographic solutions to the offshore, shipping, coastal and harbor sectors. The organization’s unique ship maneuvering simulation and ship performance monitoring services are integrated with its MetOcean data.

Using in-house resources and expertise on metocean conditions, ocean and atmospheric modeling, meteorology, remote sensing and data assimilation we support numerous projects and operations around the world. The services that BMT Argoss offers are used, amongst others, for design of offshore structures, downtime analysis, operations planning and the execution of maritime operations.

October 25, 2011

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