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ASD to christen first large fishing vessel built in Alaska

Written by Nick Blenkey

prowler340SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 — Alaska Longline, LLC, and Vigor Industrial’s Alaska Ship & Drydock (ASD) are scheduled to christen the 136 ft freezer longliner F/V Arctic Prowler in an October 5 ceremony at ASD’s Ketchikan Shipyard.

The Arctic Prowler is the first large commercial fishing vessel built in Alaska. It will have 16,300 cubic feet of freezer space, have the ability to both catch and process at sea, and the capability of fishing 56,000 hooks per day.

The Arctic Prowler has been designed and built with an emphasis on economic use of space allowing room for state of the art fishing and factory equipment producing very high quality products. Freezer capacity is ample as is fuel capacity allowing extended fishing voyages.

Design criteria include comfortable crew accommodations necessitated by the extended range of the vessel. Fishing and factory equipment selection were based on the owner’s extensive experience in Bering Sea fisheries.

“We are proud to christen the Arctic Prowler in Ketchikan. This is a beautiful and efficient vessel, and a wonderful addition to our fleet. As an Alaska-based company with significant Alaskan ownership, it is fitting that this vessel was built in Alaska, by Alaskans,” said Larry Cotter, President of Alaska Longline and Chief Executive Officer of Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association. APICDA is a partner in the Alaska Longline Company, which is the primary harvester of APICDA’s community development quota cod allocation.

Built by ASD, the Arctic Prowler is also the first vessel to be constructed in the Ketchikan Shipyard’s new 70,000-square foot assembly and production hall. “Not only is the Arctic Prowler the first vessel to be built in the new Ship Assembly Hall, it is also the first factory longliner made in Alaska. We are very proud of the Arctic Prowler, built by a world class workforce in a world class shipyard,” said Adam Beck, President of Alaska Ship & Drydock.

The vessel and the decision to build it in Alaska were the vision of the late John Winther, a well-known leader in the Alaska fishing industry. Winther spearheaded the planning and commitment to construct the Arctic Prowler in Alaska at the Ketchikan Shipyard and was present during the start of the vessel’s construction just prior to his passing in October, 2012. Jerry Kennedy, a partner in Alaska Longline managed construction of the Arctic Prowler in Ketchikan. The sponsor for the christening of Arctic Prowler is John Winther’s granddaughter Stella LeeAnne Asplund accompanied by her mother, John’s daughter, Theresa Winther.

“John would have been proud of his decision to build the Arctic Prowler in Alaska. He loved Alaska, Alaskans, and fishing boats, now he has the first ‘made in Alaska’ fishing boat,” said Bert Winther, John Winther’s widow.


F/V Artic Prowler Principal Characteristics

Owner: Alaska Longline Company

The F/V Arctic Prowler is an Ocean going Factory Longliner, capable of processing and storing catch aboard. The vessel is to be Load Lined and classed by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Vessel will be US Flagged. The design shall comply with all applicable U.S. Coast Guard and Class Society stability requirements.

The intended area of operation will have a range of operational temperature conditions as follows: Sea Water Range 35 degrees F to 85 degrees F

Ambient Air Range -20 degrees F to 85 degrees F

Length Molded 136’-0” excluding guards

Beam, Molded 40’-0” excluding guards

Hull Depth 16’-6” above rabbet line max, approx

Design Load Draft 15’-0” above baseline approx

Lightship 661.35 long tons approx

Cruising Speed 12 knots

Diesel Fuel capacity 63,496 gallons approx @ 95% volume

Freezer Hold capacity 14,655 cubic feet net volume 735,000 lbs.

Potable Water storage 11,200 gallons approx @ 100% volume

Lube Oil Storage (Upper) 950 gallons approx @ 95% volume

Lube Oil Storage (Lower) 200 gallons approx @ 95% volume

Hydraulic Oil – Storage 1,000 gallons approx. @ 95% volume

Dirty Oil capacity 1,500 gallons approx @ 95% volume

Sewage Holding Tank 500 gallons approx @ 100% volume

Engines (2) MTU 8V4000 M53R Continuous Rating:

1,000 BHP @ 1600 RPM, Tier 2

Generators (3) MTU, Series 60 333 kW @ 1800 RPM,

60HZ, 480 VAC, Tier 2

Emergency Generator (1) Northern Lights 36 kW @ 1800 RPM, air


Accommodations 22 berths in 8 staterooms

Gross registered tonnage under 200 US Registered Tonnage

Gross Tonnage under 1000 International Tonnage

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