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ALMACO supplies superstructure for Canadian Navy supply ship

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Superstructure for Royal Canadian Navy's Project Resolve

MARCH 6, 2017—Canada’s Davie Shipbuilding recently awarded a contract to the ALMACO Group for the delivery of the superstructure of Project Resolve, a Royal Canadian Navy AOR vessel.

This would be the first project carried out as part of ALMACO and Davie’s cooperation and technology transfer. The fleet supply vessel’s superstructure is built in Finland and will be delivered by ALMACO as a single structure to be integrated to the hull at the Davie shipyard in Lauzon, Quebec, Canada. The remaining parts of the superstructure that were not outfitted will be completed by Davie once it is integrated to the hull. The superstructure will have a transport weight of 2,200 tons.

ALMACO’s scope of work includes the full EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contract for the Living Quarter superstructure including cabins, public areas, galley, provision stores, wheelhouse and technical spaces. All areas are built with high standards and high quality to enable the best possible living conditions for the vessel’s crew. ALMACO was chosen for the project due to the extensive expertise and history of providing cost efficient and high quality accommodation and catering areas to Marine and Offshore clients.

“We are proud to be part of this project where ALMACO and Davie will combine Finnish shipbuilding expertise with Canadian shipbuilding capabilities to the great benefit of the vessel’s end users and to meet the timeline for the delivery of the superstructure,” says Vilhelm Roberts, ALMACO Group’s President and CEO. “ALMACO will be sharing its skills and technology in accommodation areas with Davie’s personnel as the company has a long and successful history of providing modular prefabricated structures and cabins around the world.”

Davie Shipbuilding and ALMACO Group are planning to continue the cooperation for potential future projects combining Canadian and Finnish shipbuilding expertise. Each country has extensive experience in the construction of a variety of vessels including ocean and river cruise ships, vessels for navy applications and demanding icebreakers.

ALMACO’s concept of fabricating accommodation solutions globally is an advantage for future projects carried out at Davie’s shipyard premises, which will strengthen the cooperation between the companies even further.

“ALMACO is looking to establish a more permanent presence in Canada in the future by supporting projects at Davie, with the aim of fabricating modular cabins in Quebec in the coming years”, states Mikael Liljeström, President of ALMACO’s Offshore division.

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