Salvage of capsized tug in dry dock successful

Written by Marine Log Staff

vigor dock collapseSalvage operations have successfully refloated a Crowley tug, which had been submerged in a sunken dry dock at Vigor Marine in Everett, WA, since March 18.

As we reported earlier, the tug Invader was undergoing work when the dry dock it was in began sinking on the evening of March 17. The day-long effort to right the 140 ft tug Invader by Global Diving & Salvage, Seattle, WA, on behalf of Vigor Marine was supervised by the U.S. Coast Guard and the Washington Department of Ecology.

The estimated 60,000 gallons of diesel fuel onboard the tug is expected to be removed this week. The relocated tug and submerged drydock are still surrounded by multiple layers of containment boom. Minor residual sheens have been spotted and recovered by salvage workers.

The Coast Guard and the Department of Ecology maintained oversight throughout Vigor’s eight-day response following a salvage plan designed to minimize the impact on the environment.


March 27, 2012

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