TTB: EBDG to speak on tech spec process for newbuilds

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Michael Complita

Michael Complita, principal in charge at Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG) in Seattle, Wash., will speak on “Owners’ Supervision of Newbuilds: The Process” on March 23 at Marine Log’s free virtual TTB conference.

EBDG has represented vessel owners on a variety of new construction and modification projects across a wide range of clients and vessel types—tugs and barges included.

According to EBDG, the cornerstone of every successful project is a well-written technical specification document. An important component of the “tech spec” is including the right level of detail. It is well known that too little detail will leave an owner at risk of receiving an inferior product and costly change orders. What many owners, however, may not know is that over-specifying can lead to increased cost and risk of a different nature.

Understanding the right level of detail and how to present it can make or break a project before a construction contract is even signed.

During TTB, EBDG will present examples and consequences of having too much or too little detail and provide insight on what a “right level” does and does not include.

Complita has extensive experience in all facets of naval architecture and marine engineering with a career focused on supporting a wide range of new construction projects in North American shipyards. He specializes in incorporating construction-friendly details and techniques into the earliest stages of the design process. He has also lead the design of a broad portfolio of petroleum barges, multi-purpose deck barges, ATB units, LNG barges and specialty cargo and work vessels.

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