Vessel Repair Shipyard gains push boat patent

Written by Nick Blenkey
Pusg boat under way

All of Vessel Repair Shipyard'sPacesetter push boats have the now-patented hull

Port Arthur, Texas, based Vessel Repair Shipyard has received a patent (No. 10988210) for the hull of its Pacesetter class push boats.

The shipyard notes that the majority of work boats are constructed as single chine or double chine hull. It says that both designs have advantages and disadvantages as follows:


Advantages:                                                                  Disadvantages:

Cost affective to build                                                    not efficient water flow

Very stable hull                                                             less maneuverable

Easy to dry dock                                                            higher fuel consumption

Hull resists sliding


Advantages:                                                                  Disadvantages:

Increased water flow                                                     more costly to build

Improved water flow                                                     less stable hull

Improved fuel consumption                                           harder to dry dock

Hull slides in hard maneuvering

The new design is a combination of single and double chine, from bow through mid-body to the start of the rise at the stern it is all single chine. From the beginning of the stern the chine splits and fairs into a double chine in way of the stern and then back to single chine at transom.

All of Vessel Repair’s Pacesetter class boats have the now-patented hull.

The result is a hull that combines all of the advantages of single and double chine and eliminates the disadvantages of both hulls. The combination of the two classic hulls specifically where the hull is single or double creates a hull concept that has proven to be an improvement in hull design.

This new hull concept has been examined through a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study by Maritime Research Associates LLC. The study compared the hull performance of equal displacement hulls in the single chine, double chine, and the new pacesetter hull design and concluded that the new design has the best water flow.

Considering the other advantages and lack of disadvantages it is a significant improvement in hull design. All of Vessel Repair’s Pacesetter class boats have the now-patented hull. The patent was applied for September 4, 2019, and was issued April 27, 2021.

The Pacesetter push boats have many other improvements that are unique to this design. Vessel Repair says, “we are determined to build the best, we never assume that this design is as good as it can be, we are constantly working to improve the Pacesetter.”

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