Express Marine officers acquire company

Written by Marine Log Staff
ExpressMarine logo on boat stack

Dresher, Pa.-based U.S.-flag operator Express Marine Inc. today announced that the company has been formally acquired by its officers and will continue to operate under the Express Marine name.

Ownership has been transferred from former CEO Richard “Dick” Walling to six longstanding company officers who will continue in their respective roles. Majority owners include president and chief operating officer Keith Kirkeide, vice president and chief financial officer Joseph Kellogg, vice president and treasurer Joseph Kellogg Jr., and vice president and Gulf operations manager Stan Davis, with chief accounting officer Don Wrigley and operations manager Greg Havens as minority owners.

“This is a proud moment for all of us, and we are committed to honoring Dick’s legacy to ensure the outstanding quality of our U.S.-flag vessels, the highly skilled level of our crews and the exemplary service delivered to our customers on all contracts,” said Kirkeide. “Our crews, customers and business partners will see no outward change, and business will continue as usual. When Dick announced his retirement, this was a seamless next step as we understand the dedication it takes to uphold the standards and reputation he has built with Express Marine.”

Express Marine domestically transports dry bulk products on U.S. owned and operated vessels under long-term contracts with American companies. Cargoes include coal, aggregates, cement, grain, steel and other products.

“The company is known within the industry as going above and beyond, both in its treatment of its employees and in the level of service delivered on its contracts,” said Kellogg. “This is due in no small part to Dick’s talent and efforts, and we want to assure our employees and partners that we plan to uphold and continue his longstanding, admirable reputation. We look forward to continued growth and success for the company.”

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