Vigor to build EBDG-designed tank barge

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Outboard profile drawing of the 15,000 barrel tank barge designed by Elliott Bay Design Group for Maxum Marine

JANUARY 16, 2014—Naval architectural and marine engineering firm Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG), Seattle, WA, recently completed a new 15,000-barrel tank barge design package for Maxum Petroleum, Inc., Greenwich, CT.

Designed to balance performance with fabrication cost, the new 15,000-barrel tank barge features a state-of-the-art tankerman’s office, recessed machinery space aft for improved visibility, a dimensionally identical cargo tank, plus bulkhead stiffener and plate seams arranged to maximize material usage and simplify fabrication.

“We’re excited about this new design, and we’re looking forward to seeing the finished product,” says Mike Complita, EBDG VP of Shipyard Services.  

“This is an exciting time for Maxum Marine,” says Chuck McDaniel, President of Maxum Petroleum’s Marine Division. “The new barge represents Maxum’s continued commitment to its global marine customers and future presence in the U.S. West Coast maritime industry.”

Although several shipbuilders expressed an interest in constructing the tank barge, including shipyards on the Gulf Coast, EBDG and Maxum ultimately decided to partner with Oregon-based Vigor Fab, part of Vigor Inustrial, on the vessel construction out of their Seattle facility.  “Vigor has a strong history of barge building in Oregon, and we’re glad to be able to bring that expertise to better serve our customers in Seattle,” says Vigor’s sales and marketing manager, Bryan Nichols.

The 15,000-barrel tank barge is one of nearly two dozen barges that have been delivered to the EBDG’s designs over the past decade.  Those designs have covered a comprehensive range of types and markets including product, deck and combination barges for both bunkering and transport, each customizable to the client’s specific requirements.

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