BAE Systems is helping marine operators get to a zero emission future with electric power and propulsion technology

Written by Marine Log Staff
Hydrogen fuel cell powered ferry

Photo courtesy of Switch Maritime LLC

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As we move toward a zero-emission future, BAE Systems is bringing clean, quiet, alternative propulsion solutions to the open water and creating a new wave of clean transportation. With more than 25 years of experience delivering electric drive technology to the heavy-duty transit market, BAE Systems offers that same proven technology to the shipyard. The company is helping operators make the switch from combustion engines to electric or fuel cell power and propulsion for the vessels they build.

The company is using HybriGen® patented technology to make it all possible. The system, which comes in multiple configurations, builds on the company’s core technology that today is powering more than 14,000 systems around the world in cities such as Boston, New York, Paris, and San Francisco and is featured on the U.S.’ first hydrogen fuel cell ferry, Sea Change. It promises not only to cut emissions, but also to create a smoother ride for passengers and help fleet owners reduce their operating costs. HybriGen power and propulsion applications incorporate electric motors, variable speed generators or hydrogen fuel cells, a battery-based energy storage system, and vessel auxiliary power with shore power charging to offer flexible solutions that maximize system efficiency. Working with their customers to deliver a package solution tailored to each vessel’s specific propulsion and the auxiliary power requirements.

As the pressure to get to zero emissions grows, there will be more vessels in need of clean technology. BAE Systems has been at the helm of the electric boom for decades and is using its past to chart a cleaner future. That expertise, paired with continued investment in its world-leading technical solution, will create a sustainable future for operators and their fleets.

It’s an investment that goes beyond maturing technology. It will help to shape a new vision for the future of marine —one that creates cleaner harbors and waterways in the places where we live, work, and visit. So far, the company’s technology is making a significant difference, saving 30 million gallons of fuel and eliminating 335,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year. If that is any indication of the future, BAE Systems is ready to make quite the splash.

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